We fell into the habit of a taste of Brother Jack Daniels each evening. However this night I brought out the vaunted Makers Mark. We disposed of it along with a cigar. It seemed to aid our sleep. We were up fairly early and had a 9:00 a.m. start. No deer were seen, but we knew they were nearby.

Deer - High Kill Area

Out of the Cascades the scenery was nowhere near as striking, although still eye-catching and the roads excellent. They were twisty with tighter curves but still a pleasure to ride.

In 2011 JAK and I were at Sturgis, South Dakota when we ran into a tour group from Russia. This time we got stuck behind a tour group of German bikers. They kept a steady speed of about 5 mph under the speed limit, we prefer about 10 over. Because of lane restrictions, we could not pass them.

JAK - Behind the Germans HIghway 20

This photograph is of Jim Kennemore, Alias JAK, Alias Jim Bob in the long sleeve white shirt. We were stopped for road construction behind the German Riders.

Later in the day, Jim Bob made another appearance. Once again he took a wrong turn. He led us further north and closer to the Canadian border. Fortunately he realized his error after only a few miles. A U-Turn corrected the navigational error and we headed the right way. JAK owns a large sail boat and sails upon the ocean. You would expect better navigation from him.

JAK’s 2006 Ultra Classic is six years newer than mine. I use about a half quart of oil every 2000 miles. He uses a half quart every 500. Jim Bob did not bring any extra oil, so he used up what I carried in my saddle bags. He was worried so we changed our route and went south. We stopped at Lone Wolf Harley in Spokane. I picked up the obligatory T-Shirt and JAK got us each a quart of 20-50 Oil. I was fine for the rest of the trip; JAK made it to the Little Bighorn Battle Ground before he needed to add more oil to his trusty steed.

We spent the night at the high end hotel chain known as Motel 6. We walked next door for dinner at a Best Western. Believe it or not the food was excellent. I had liver and onions, only this time it was great.