We got up late, what’s new? No food but free coffee while we did our laundry. J&Bs for breakfast where we enjoyed the senior buffet. The server told us, “The price is so good because seniors eat a lot less.”

Boy did we prove her wrong.

While cleaning our windshields, I found that mine was covered with new pit marks. Riding through the Cascades we got stuck behind an empty logging truck for about 20 miles. He was fast and impossible to pass; I was stung and pelted nonstop. That was how I picked up the pits.


This stop needs no explanation. After twenty minutes, all the locals left. We followed. A half mile down the road we found an overcrossing. A mile further we pulled over for a State Liquor Store (Needed to refresh Uncle Jack). The parking lot was up against the tracks and across from where we had been stopped. It was a half hour before the train moved.

3:00 p.m. found us in Troy Montana, JAK wanted to get a room, but his wishes don’t always come to fruition. Besides he had a friend in Libby, the next town. JAK wanted a picture to post to the Oakland Police Blog. We got a picture of JAK with “My” Ultra in front of the Libby Police Station.

We continued on to Kalispell Montana, another 90 miles. It was a good ride, but JAK was going slow. He usually rides faster than I like, not so this day. So after about 20 miles, I kicked it up and took off on my own, another day of excellent roads and nice curves.

In Kalispell I began calling motels. “Sorry we are completely booked.” We were less than 40 miles from Glacier National Park. “There’s nothing available, every motel is sold out because of the Canadians.”

I asked, “Whadda you mean because of the Canadians.”

“They come to shop.”

“Whadda you mean?”

“The Canadian dollar is so much stronger than ours, they come for the bargains.”

The agent at Motel 6 said, “I can help. I’ll get you booked into the nearest Motel 6.” Cool says I. Nope, not cool, the nearest available Motel 6 was in Missoula Montana, 100 miles away.

We continued east, every motel was sold out. The one constant refrain, “There’s nothing available within a hundred miles.” I considered renting a car just so we could sit in it to sleep.

At my suggestion, JAK and I had bought sleeping bags for just such an incident. Oops, I had changed my mind and told him, “We don’t need to bring sleeping bags.”

Within 20 miles of the park, JAK saw a “throw down” RV Park and Campground sign that said “Cabins”. In a heartbeat we pulled up to the office. They had one cabin left and only $45.00. What a deal! Two bedframes with mattresses and NOTHING else, we slept in our clothes. Still, it was better than sleeping in a rental car.

They had a communal bath house so I bought a towel, I could shower in the morning. JAK looked at me like I was crazy and said; “There is no law that says I have to take a shower every day.” The towel turned out to be a good investment.


Our Cabin

After several meetings with Jack and “Hot as Hell” Whiskey (a gift from a neighboring camper) Jim Bob made an appearance. “Jim, I can’t put weight on my titanium knee you need to turn the heater on, I can’t.”

Jim Bob got down to adjust the heater. The controls were about three inches above the floor. Glasses on, flashlight in hand, Jim Bob got down and adjusted the heater. Rising, he said; “Well it’s all set, we won’t get cold tonight.” Not quite accurate.

Pulling on my sweatshirt and covering my torso with the new towel during the very cold night, I directed several curse words at the heater. Wrong, Jim Bob actually turned the heater off.

Oh, Jim Bob, why do you show up and bring chaos?