Wednesday the 13th we left Horseshoe Bend, Idaho around 9:00 a.m. north on Idaho 55. The first 50 miles or so was alongside the Little Salmon and then the Salmon River. The scenery was GREEN. The trees and fields were colored in different shades of green, as was the river.

How can I describe the roadway? Pavement smooth and in good repair running through canyons, with many twisty turns, none required a speed lower than 35 MPH.

I thought the ride couldn’t get better, it did.

We stopped at Grandma’s Homestead in McCall, Idaho where Jim had coffee. I had coffee and pie. Our server wore shorts to show off his leg tattoos. His hair appeared to be recovering from a Mohawk cut. “Hey you got any homemade pie?” He told me what they had. “Which is your favorite?”

He said, “I like the mountain berry.”

The mountain berry was excellent, but not quite as good as the homemade peach pie they served the other day on the Piute-Shoshone Reservation.

Leaving McCall we picked up US 95. The ride was a slight change with the turns. Instead of twistys the curves were long and smooth almost all handled at the 60 MPH speed limit effortlessly.

The Salmon River runs through a gorge known as the Hells Canyon National Recreation Area – Idaho. We followed this for about 60 miles.

Hells Canyon 6.12.13

About half way to Grangeville we climbed up Hells Canyon.

JAK US95 6.12.13

This picture is near where we leave the Salmon River and enter farmland.The dark dot on the roadway is Jim Kennemore.

We rode 178 miles before stopping for the night in Grangeville. Neither Jim, nor I felt like writing.