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Red Asscher

Check out Paula Chinick’s http://www.redasscherdotcom/blog to read about the parents of Anya, the protagonist in RED ASSCHER which will be in print by the end of the year.

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High Technology Crime Investigation Association Annual Conference

I’m in Las Vegas for the High Technology Crime Investigation Association (HTCIA) Annual Conference. They always have excellent presentations.

I hope Interviewing in the 21st Century is worthwhile. The presenter is George Cramer.

My son Paul moved to Summerlin (Las Vegas) several months ago. His apartment is five minutes from the J.W. Marriott, the conference site. He came by this morning and took me to breakfast at Eggs and I on West Sahara, L.V. Great place, especially since they serve my favorite breakfast, SPAM and eggs.

In Pool - Stella Dot 2013

I guess this is a typical day in Paul’s life as a single man in Las Vegas.

He works at an upscale restaurant. The Poppy Den by Chef Angelo Sosa is less than a half mile from here. He’s taking me to dinner there Tuesday evening. It looks great. I am glad he is treating. You can check it out at

Time for a quick lunch and then back to class.


  1. Shirley Pierini

    We are going on Saturday and back on Monday. Also going to a conference. Have a great time and enjoy the conference. Wish I could hear your presentation.

  2. Wanda Dean

    George!!… I’ve checked out the whole menu for the Poppy Den…Looks interesting and very delicious!….:) Not a fan of Spam, but I’m sure it tastes good cooked up with some eggs…

    Love your Posts George!!! wanda


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