Pilz & Liberty

Recently my good friend and fellow writer, Julie Royce, agreed to be a Beta Reader for my novel Liberty. For some unknown reason she chose to identify with a small character, a part-time prostitute. In Liberty, Julie a single soccer mom needs to supplement her income to support her two daughters. She works a couple of shifts each week at a massage parlor where she plys the worlds oldest trade. Why Ms. Royce assumed she was the basis for the character’s name is beyond me. However, she has informed the world “In my next novel, the axe-murderer will be named George!”

You can see her blog at http://www.jkroyce.com/?page_id=366.

For a link to Julie’s novel PILZ click on this link: http://goo.gl/N4cFeA

If there is enough interest about how Julie and Officer Hector Navarro of the Liberty, Arizona police, spare while he trys to ensnare her, I will publish an excerpt from Liberty here for all to enjoy.


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2 responses to “Pilz & Liberty

  1. Liberty was terrific. but I take exception with your comment that I identified with a prostitute you named Julie – although she was pretty cool. đŸ™‚ I didn’t identify with your character. What I said was that you appeared to name characters after friends and since you named an admirable character Deborah Bernal and we have a mutual close friend named Deborah Jordan Bernal, I wondered how the prostitute character got my name???

  2. Terry Marshall

    That sounds like pay back!

    George, We are praying for you!

    Take care, Terry

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