The Time Is Here

Tomorrow I hit the road, two days to Phoenix, grab Sgt. JAK and we will be on the road.

Over the years, during road trips, I’ve accumulated a small collection of T-Shirts. My wife believes I have collected far too many. We have agreed to disagree on that. However, I’ve found the collection has multiplied. In the photo are quite a few shirts. Believe it or not, I have worn one each day since Shelter-in-Place started.

After not much debate with she-who-must-be-obeyed, not much because I never win, we have an agreement. She will take one of the stacks to Goodwill. I tried to choose the one to take, but it was impossible. Each has a strong sentimental value. There’s the Sturgis one from my first trIMG_7071 (002)ip there. Santa Fe, where I earned my MFA, three shirts, from H-D, and IAIA. The Big Island of Hawaii, we traversed the entire island in one day. The list goes on. There is one shirt missing from Alaska. It was cut off by a Para-Medic just before my airlift to Medford, Oregon.

It’s a secret, so don’t tell Mrs. Cramer.               I’m going to begin restocking on this ride.


Take Care, Ride Safe, Stay Safe.


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4 responses to “The Time Is Here

  1. How many years did it take you to collect that impressive stash?


  2. Well, this is the second time around. This collection goes back about 25 years or so.


  3. Violet Carr Moore

    How about adding a T-shirt from Maricopa County to your collection to wear on days you work on your crime fiction novel set there?


  4. Yes.
    I have both a T-shirt and sweatshirt. But I need one from Liberty!


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