From the moment I first saw a thin blue line flag, I considered it to be a desecration of the American flag. I still do.

Today I bought one.


I try to fly Old Glory every day. I’m proud of the flag and what it stands for. I admit I’m surprised that it hasn’t been stolen or worse.

Why is today different. My opinion has not changed, and I doubt it ever will.

One of the first things I saw this morning was the news of the murder of Toledo Police Officer Anthony Dia. His last radio transmission: “Tell my family I love them.” The senseless killing of police officers is fast becoming a daily occurrence. I have been retired for decades, yet I still bleed Blue for my brothers and sisters wearing the badge.

I will fly the thin blue line below Old Glory with pride and love.

George Cramer #073
Sergeant (Retired)
San Leandro California Police Department