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The Mona Lisa Sisters

A Historical Novel

A refined and entertaining tale about one determined woman exploring both motherly and romantic love.

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Ramona Ausubel

“The Mona Lisa Sisters is a tender journey into the making of a family. The novel is full of careful historical detail and the pleasure of European trains and cities and plenty of mystery to keep the pages turning, but the greatest delight is Lura Grisham herself.”

Ramona Ausubel, author Sons and Daughters of Ease and Plenty 

Victoria Zackheim

“George Cramer deftly reveals the heart, soul and fears of a remarkable woman as he explores, in a thoroughly engaging and inspiring story, her struggle to triumph over loss…and unexpected love.” 

Victoria Zackheim, screenwriter, playwright and author of, The Bone Weaver

Kirkus Reviews

“Told alternately from the perspectives of Lura and Joseph, Cramer’s novel is chock full of information about Paris, New York, and law enforcement in the late 19th century… the work provides a perfect balance of mystery, romance, and history…”

Kirkus Reviews
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Wealth cannot protect Lura from the tragedies that befall her in the late nineteenth century. She voyages to Paris after months as a recluse in Grisham Manor. There Lura finds new purpose in life when she meets two American girls who face a tragedy of their own.

"Hard Time"

George’s short story “Hard Time” was awarded Honorable Mention in the Genre Short Story category of the 89th Annual Writer’s Digest Writing Competition.