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12th Annual Brown Water Run – Day 4 – 7/8/2013 (Last Day)

I haven’t had a chance to wrap up the Brown Water before now. We were on a cruise to Alaska and then my two months out of warranty hard drive failed.

Monday, July 8th was officially the last day of the 2013 Brown Water Run.

When we settled down the night before, the Bison Fire was raging east of us. The distance that the fire covered was astonishing. I’m glad I was a police officer and not a fire fighter. I will never comprehend how a sane person can put themselves in front of a moving fire. To all Fire Fighters – Thank you for your service.

Here is a quote from one of our riders, “This is a fast-moving fire.” Jeff Zolfarelli – Fire Chief (Retired). Personally I think all fires are fast movers and should be avoided.

Monday started poorly. First, the Bison Fire continued to grow. The Motel 6 staff told us, “We don’t put out coffee until 7:00 a.m.”. We had two motorcycles down. The Harley people told Keith Wallace that his problem was the stater. They couldn’t get one in for a day or two. Fred Sicard had to wait for the service department to replace his tire.

When Keith got back to Arizona he raised cane with the Harley-Folks who had “fixed” his electrical system. It turns out that it was the regulator, not the stater. Carson City had regulators in stock and could have fixed the bike. I believe they returned his diagnostic fee.


Fortunately Grandma Hattie’s was just across the parking lot. We trooped over and had coffee and breakfast.

2013-07-08 07.50.57

Paul Wallace had our waitress deliver a jar of mayonnaise to me. I HATE MAYONNAISE. This wasn’t just any mayonnaise, it was from 2003. He had saved it since I was airlifted out of the Oregon Mountains to the hospital in Medford. What a guy.

Pig Trail

Larry Eade models a shirt from Pig Trail Harley-Davidson, Eureka Springs, Arkansas. The Pig Trail is a popular ride and should not be missed if one rides through the state. Here is a shortened link http://goo.gl/MhYxo0 if you care to learn more about the trail. Larry, Jim, Burny Matthews and I were on route to Washington, D.C. for the 2010 Law Enforcement Memorial Service during National Police Week. To learn more about this program, link to http://www.nleomf.com

End of Ride

After breakfast we loaded up and prepared to go our separate ways.

The Los Angeles riders headed over to Carson City Harley to wait for Fred. Later they enjoyed a great ride over the Ebbetts Pass Scenic Byway, State Route 4, before spending the night in Fresno. Some BWR riders took US-50 back to the Bay Area. Jim Kennemore took I-80 over Donner Summit. For a “slab” it’s not a bad ride.

US 95 Alt -

I headed to Las Vegas to attend the Public Safety Writers Association Annual Conference. As much as I enjoy riding with a group, solo riding is a delight. I took US-50 through Dayton Valley to US-95 south to Las Vegas. Last June, Jim Kennemore and I were on US-95 up in Idaho. This section is desert, but in its own way, just as scenic.

Bison Fire from East

The Bison Fire was visible looking west, the reverse view of what we had seen the night before. The fire destroyed great tracts of mountain terrain.

Wild Horses

Wild horses are not uncommon in areas of Nevada. While this looks to be a rural range, it wasn’t. The west side of the road is wide open with no fences, the east is not. I pulled to a stop and took this shot from about fifty yards. On the east side of the highway were several gas stations, stores, and fast food restaurants. The horses did not seem to have any interest in me or the Ultra’s loud pipes.

I spent the night in Beatty, Nevada and was in Las Vegas by noon on Tuesday. Passing Creech Air Force Based I saw three or four remotely piloted aircraft systems flying in the area. Most of us refer to these devices as Drones. They were bigger than I had imagined.


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Great Ride – Horseshoe Bend to Grangeville, Idaho

Wednesday the 13th we left Horseshoe Bend, Idaho around 9:00 a.m. north on Idaho 55. The first 50 miles or so was alongside the Little Salmon and then the Salmon River. The scenery was GREEN. The trees and fields were colored in different shades of green, as was the river.

How can I describe the roadway? Pavement smooth and in good repair running through canyons, with many twisty turns, none required a speed lower than 35 MPH.

I thought the ride couldn’t get better, it did.

We stopped at Grandma’s Homestead in McCall, Idaho where Jim had coffee. I had coffee and pie. Our server wore shorts to show off his leg tattoos. His hair appeared to be recovering from a Mohawk cut. “Hey you got any homemade pie?” He told me what they had. “Which is your favorite?”

He said, “I like the mountain berry.”

The mountain berry was excellent, but not quite as good as the homemade peach pie they served the other day on the Piute-Shoshone Reservation.

Leaving McCall we picked up US 95. The ride was a slight change with the turns. Instead of twistys the curves were long and smooth almost all handled at the 60 MPH speed limit effortlessly.

The Salmon River runs through a gorge known as the Hells Canyon National Recreation Area – Idaho. We followed this for about 60 miles.

Hells Canyon 6.12.13

About half way to Grangeville we climbed up Hells Canyon.

JAK US95 6.12.13

This picture is near where we leave the Salmon River and enter farmland.The dark dot on the roadway is Jim Kennemore.

We rode 178 miles before stopping for the night in Grangeville. Neither Jim, nor I felt like writing.

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